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Wellbeing and Resilience


Wellbeing is a combination of positive emotion and sense of purpose.  We tend to undervalue feeling good - it's worth more than just feeling good! The growing evidence base, particularly from positive psychology, shows that positive emotions are associated with better decision making, positive reactions to change, and healthier relationships.  However, it's not enough just to feel good we also need to be connected to a purpose, something that has real meaning for us.  This can all sound a bit fluffy - but the drivers of wellbeing in organisations are very practical and the benefits are tangible and important.


The business benefits of positive employee wellbeing include:

  • lower levels of sickness absence

  • better retention of talent

  • higher engagement and productivity

  • improving your brand as an employer of choice

  • better and more innovative decision making




Resilience is the capacity to maintain your wellbeing and work performance and to recover from setbacks. We can all learn to maintain and build our resilience more effectively.  This becomes particularly important when we face tough challenges or difficult situations.


Wellbeing and Resilience Services


I regularly deliver wellbeing and resilience solutions with Robertson Cooper.  They have a freely available personality based tool, i-resilience, which provides powerful insights into your personal resilience.  This can be accessed through the Good Day At Work network which is an excellent source for the latest best practice and news relating to wellbeing at work. 

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